Bryan Kennedy Life Coach and Keynote Speaker

The creative and the athletic are constantly under a spotlight exposing their entire lives. Life off the field, stage, and court directly and profoundly affects performance on the field, stage, and court. Learning a healthy balance between the two, while daily seeking right perspective and direction, is what I call living in The Spot Life.

Big Talkers

The Spot Life Coach - Big Talkers

We all have seen them. We all have heard them. Big Talkers. They can be found in most any  sport and in most any locker room,. They sleek through our schools in the hallways and they make themselves known in the holding areas on recruiting trips.  They are loud in the dorm rooms, lunch rooms and classes all over. BigRead the Rest…

Father’s Day’s

father's day's

I am not a father. I have no qualifications for knowing anything about being a father other than being a god father to a wonderful teenage girl… my being a son, and my years of paying great attention… making notes and observing.  All the while listening and having thousands of conversations with many of you biological fathers everywhere. My purposeRead the Rest…

A great core workout – YOLO


I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. There are a couple of guys down here (Jeff Archer and Tom Losee) that started a Stand Up Paddle Board Company a few years back and are having the greatest success with it. They call their paddle board company YOLO (you only live once). I live on a county road labeled 30A.Read the Rest…

First String Parents

The Spot Life Coach - First String Parents

What if your child doesn’t start? What if your child doesn’t make 1st string? What if your child doesn’t make 2nd string? What if your child gets moved to a position you don’t think they should play or YOU don’t want them to play? What if your child is being coached in a way that ‘you’ obviously know is notRead the Rest…

iN Shape? Working out… for you?

The Spot Life Coach - in Shape? Working out... for you?

Are you in shape? The first impulse most of us have is to trust the mirror or the scales to let us know if we are or are not in shape. Don’t go look in the mirror. Read on. Think about this; You don’t need a mirror or scales to determine IF you are or are not ‘in shape’. What?Read the Rest…